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Human Rights in Japan: Freedom of Expression, the Media and the Constitutional Amendment

In this talk, chaired by William Horsley, Dr Fujita will draw on her experiences to address how Japanese freedom of expression, including the independence of the media, has deteriorated under the current administration. She will also discuss the Government’s plans for constitutional amendment, which may have negative implications for human rights, and the Japanese Government’s response to the UN’s recommendations.

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Private View: Double Method by Tokyo Rumando×Hideka Tonomura

Collaborating together for the first time, Tokyo Rumando and Hideka Tonomura are at the cutting edge of an exciting and groundbreaking generation of new photographers working in Japan today. Using photography to confront basic and instinctive key human issues, Rumando and Tonomura continually reverse expectations and take their audiences into complex and moving interior spaces through their emotionally engaging practices. Both photographers participate in a fictitious dream, based on a shared optimism about the potential for art to transcend the problems of daily life.

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Crafting Japan from Materials and Techniques: Hand Crafted Chrysanthemums

During London Craft Week, Made in Japan Project and The Creation of Japan will hold a one-day crafting exhibition at the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation. The exhibition highlights the variety of Japanese materials and techniques used to create hand-crafted pieces. Taiyo Nakazato, 18th generation potter of Hirado Kosho Danemon Kiln, will demonstrate the techniques of Mikawachi ceramics, traditional porcelain with a 400 year old history.
Demonstrations at 11am, 1pm and 3pm. Bookings available at .

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Wireless Technology

Wireless technologies have become deeply engrained in everyday life, with oyster cards and contactless bank cards becoming the norm. In this talk, Ichiro Seto will explain the faultless, complex technologies that facilitate these contactless and automated systems, and how they work so effectively. Seto will also introduce the next generation of contactless communication, TransferJet(TM), which have already been introduced in Japan.

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