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29 November 2016

SHIFT Presents: DOTMOV Festival 2016

DOTMOV is a digital film festival which aims to discover gifted filmmakers who are as yet unknown, providing them with an opportunity to exhibit their works on the global stage. Join us for the UK premiere of DOTMOV 2016 to explore the possibilities and potential of a new generation of digital artists.

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26 November 2015

SHIFT Presents: The DOTMOV Festival 2015

Japanese online magazine SHIFT presents the DOTMOV Festival 2015, premiering in the UK at the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation. We screened a selection of 12 short films to showcase emerging international talent in film and the visual arts.

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20 November 2014

Film Screening: My Atomic Aunt

Director Kyoko Miyake, having lived outside of Japan for more than a decade, feels compelled to revisit Fukushima. She wants to find out the fate of her family’s home-town Namie, which with its golden beaches and friendly neighbours used to be her childhood idyll. Following her aunt Kuniko, Miyake begins to question her nostalgic childhood memories and in so doing understand the harsh economic realities and sacrifices that her Aunt and the people of Namie had to make in order to survive.

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2 October 2014

Film Screening: Brakeless

On Monday April 25th 2005, a West Japan Railway (JR West) commuter train crashed into an apartment building and killed 107 people when a driver tried to catch up with an 80-second delay. Since the accident, the official committee report has concluded that the direct cause of the accident was over-speeding and JR West have agreed to pay compensation for the victims and changed the timetable. However, the fundamental question has remained unanswered – what made the driver risk so many lives for an 80-second delay?

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8 July 2014

Film Screening: August Shadows- Reflections on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Kirk Palmer will hold a film screening of ‘August Shadows’, a trilogy of moving image works – Murmur (2006), Hiroshima (2007) and War’s End: An Island Of Remembrance (2012). Centred upon Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Yakushima these works collectively examine how historical events manifest in the present-day physical substance of place, where the pall of the atomic bombings are a latent and unifying presence.

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