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5 October 2016

Japan-UK Collaboration in the Asia-Pacific Region: The Defence Capacity Building Assistance Programme

This January, Japan and United Kingdom Defence Ministers agreed to collaborate to support capacity building assistance in Southeast Asia. The Capacity Building Assistance Programme is the newest pillar of collaboration between our two countries. Director Mitsuko Hayashi and Captain Charles Ashcroft will provide an overview of the Programme and explore current activities and collaboration with partner countries.

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28 April 2015

Japan’s Long Economic Stagnation

The Japanese economy came out of its latest recession in the last quarter of 2014, but expectations of higher growth have been somewhat dampened. This recession is the sixth that Japan has experienced since 1997, and the past twenty or so years of tepid economic growth have been characterised as Japan’s “Lost Decades”.

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20 September 2013

How Do We Perceive Art-Through Vision or Cognition? Neuro-aesthetics and Tatsuo Miyajima

We were pleased to invite Professor Semir Zeki, an expert on visual cognition and neuro-aesthetics, to speak with Tatsuo Miyajima, one of the most prominent Japanese artists practising today and who has been influenced by cognitive science. Conceptual approaches to art are familiar to contemporary audiences, yet there remain fundamental questions of what art is and where it originates. If science is able to fully explain the experience of art, does it reduce art’s significance?

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13 June 2013

Constitutional Reform

From the 1990s on, most observers thought that Japan was developing in the direction of a UK- or US-style political system based on two main parties. However Democratic Party of Japan was beaten in the December 2012 Lower House election. Is Japan entering into a new period of prolonged LDP dominance? Elements within the LDP sense that the party’s current strength may offer an historic opportunity to revise Japan’s Constitution, which was imposed by the victorious Allies after the end of World War II. Professor Kensuke Takayasu is Professor of Political Science at the Faculty of Law, Seikei University in Tokyo and will discuss the possibility of constitutional change and the possible effects of this for Japan, its neighbours and the wider world.

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12 October 2011

March 11th and Beyond, by Ambassador Keiichi Hayashi

In this special lecture, seven months after the 11th of March earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Ambassador Hayashi examined the impact of the disaster and Japan’s progress in the reconstruction effort to help rebuild the lives of people in the affected areas.

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16 November 2006

2006 Daiwa Japan Forum Prize Lecture

In recent years, controversies over the content of Japanese history textbooks and visits to Yasukuni Shrine by Prime Minister Koizumi and other senior government officials have placed the international spotlight on the ways that Japanese people remember World War II. The lecture, based on Dr Seaton’s 2005 article in Japan Forum, will provide a critique

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