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9 November 2016

Private View: Stella Maris was a name I found in a dream by Yoi Kawakubo

Stella Maris was a name I found in a dream is a new exhibition by the Spanish-born Japanese artist Yoi Kawakubo. This exhibition is the latest in a series of shows presenting works that Kawakubo has developed over the past two years. Shedding light into remote corners of history, these works deliver an experience that undoubtedly will transport the visitor to an archipelago of musings, mysteries and rumination on the history of mankind.

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22 September 2016

Private View and Artist Talk: HIKARI by Aki Kondo

On 11 March 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake hit the north-east coast of Japan. To those who experienced the earthquake, the world has irrevocably changed after the catastrophe. The exhibition title HIKARI, meaning “light,” represents the hope we need in order to live on after the disaster, and suggests that the victims are still with us in this world in the form of light. For the opening of the exhibition, Aki Kondo was joined in conversation by Jenny White, Head of Visual Arts Programme at the British Council.

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2 June 2016

Unexpected Stories by Umi Kumano

Umi Kumano creates his works by pairing seemingly un-related scenes and motifs as if they were part of a single event in one world. Although these elements may share no meaningful connection, the imagination of the viewers spins them into ‘Unexpected Stories’. Kumano’s sense of density and scale brings the viewers into a delicate atmosphere of joy and pale gloom, where the unpredictability of the artist’s narrative will surprise them.

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14 April 2016

Generated Images by Taisuke Koyama

Taisuke Koyama’s exhibition, Generated Images, thematises the possibilities of photographic expression in the post-digital era. He aims to provide a space for audiences to experience ‘environmentalised’ images in the form of the tangible objects and data created by digital devices. When photographs are shared and data edited with unprecedented scale and freedom, how can an image actually be created? In his first solo show in London, Koyama tries to explore the potential of photographic media through ‘indeterminacy’ and the replication of images.

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25 February 2016

Like A Prime Number by Enrico Isamu Oyama

Daiwa Foundation is pleased to present Like A Prime Number, a solo exhibition by Enrico Isamu Oyama.
Oyama is best known for the signature style Quick Turn Structure (QTS): minimal, free-flowing motifs of repetitive lines, developed from the visual language of graffiti culture and contextualized in the realm of contemporary art.
QTS is perceived by the artist as an infinite driving force with its own life; one that inhabits a higher dimension invisible to us. As a mediator, Ōyama temporarily summons QTS into the physical world and captures the fragmented imprints of its unstoppable motion, visualising them on a plethora of surfaces. These include not only physical objects such as walls, canvases and papers, but also digital, conceptual and social platforms such as videos, live performances and collaborations with fashion brands.

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19 January 2016

Material Witness by Saya Kubota

“Material Witness” presents Saya Kubota’s new bodies of work around memory and physical traces of the past which, although they have seemingly altered in form or even to have disappeared, still persist in the present time and space. From modified paintings to an unusual postal service, they signal what their material existences might have witnessed. The solo exhibition at the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation will present her two different bodies of works: “Material Witness” and the “Missing Post Office UK”.

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29 October 2015

Wings, Paws and Claws by Keiji Ishida

Drawing away from the conventions of story books, Keiji Ishida’s works explore the significance of images when they are set free from the written word. The image, reconstructed as a new point of departure, invites the viewer into a space in which the decontextualised illustrations can narrate alternative stories.

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17 September 2015

Scape by Kouichi Tabata

Kouichi Tabata’s first UK solo show explores drawing beyond line- and mark-making, tending towards the painterly. His paintings of still-life subjects are sequenced into animations as a kind of ‘still footage’, leading to an exploration of the dimensions between different layers of meaning in which these opposing forces operate. Looped paintings relinquish tranquil scenery, instead enveloping the audience into a restless, endless cycle.

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5 August 2015

Paintings from Hiroshima

This year in August will be the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. An Englishman, Mike Stevenson, has in his possession two collections of art works made by children in Japan in the aftermath of World War II.

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