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24 October 2013

Hideyuki Sobue: The Way I See

We celebrated the opening of Hideyuki Sobue’s exhibition The Way I See at the Daiwa Foundation Japan House Gallery on 24 October 2013. The artist was introduced by Jimmy S. S. Lek, the founder of ArtGemini Prize, London. Hideyuki Sobue is a Japanese artist living and working in the Lake District where this project is based. This exhibition, supported by Arts Council England, embodies a series of portraits of people he has come to know personally, with each work designed to be exhibited in diptychs: one half featuring the portrait, the other a carpet of fallen leaves observed in the area. The leaves also symbolize the vast majority of people, who have never been the subject of a portrait and thus the works become a metaphoric juxtaposition.

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17 September 2013

Acting Out of Nothingness: from the APT Collection

This event celebrated the opening of the group exhibition ‘Acting Out of Nothingness’ presented by the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation and the APT Institute and featuring the contemporary Japanese artists Kanako Sasaki, Koki Tanaka, Zon Ito, Goro Murayama, Motohiro Tomii, Masahiro Wada and Lyota Yagi. The exhibition features artworks lent by APT Institute from the Artist Pension Trust® (APT) collection, the largest lending library of artwork by leading and emerging contemporary artists from around the world.

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16 May 2013

A Catalogue of Errors by Chris Wainwright

Chris Wainwright has been working with semaphore as a semi-obsolete signalling system for a number of years and incorporating it into a series of photographic performances and actions. These works are made at night and sited adjacent to places where there have been natural disasters or at environmentally fragile sites caused by human intervention and exploitation. Much of the work in the exhibition has been made in the Tohoku Region of Japan prior to and after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami.

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21 March 2013

Excavated Reverberations by Hiraku Suzuki

In Hiraku Suzuki’s practice, drawing is expanded from a primitive method of expression into a contemporary technique of reflection and transformation. Associating the act of drawing with the process of ‘excavation’ reveals memories and unknowns present within our daily life. He perceives paper surfaces as excavation sites, carefully inscribing the moment when the different dimensions of time and space are generated from a limited two-dimensional phase. His recent drawings, in which he repeatedly uses light reflective materials such as silver marker and spray paint, shift their visibility according to the viewers’ perspective, creating resonance with the immediate environment.

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24 January 2013

Winnebago, Carpets, Onsen, Potter by Peter McDonald

Peter McDonald depicts colourful scenes inhabited by people engaged in everyday activities. Images of teachers, artists, hairdressers or carpet sellers are constructed with an elementary graphic language. By making use of archetypes, symbolism and our incorrigible tendency to make the strange seem more familiar, McDonald’s alternative world reads like a parallel universe.

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18 October 2012

My Primal Memory by Nao Matsunaga

This private view will celebrate the opening of the exhibition My Primal Memory by Nao Matsunaga, which will run until December 13th at the Daiwa Foundation Japan House. In this exhibition the artist responds to his ideas and experiences of dual cultural and national identity, reflecting on his formative years growing up in Japan, and the latter part of his childhood in England. Although this is a deeply personal investigation, his work references ancient universal themes concerning the human condition.

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12 September 2012

The Sea by Night and Day

‘The Sea by Night and Day’ is an exhibition containing a new body of work by Japanese artist Toru Kuwakubo. In this first solo show in London, Kuwakubo will experiment by dividing the exhibition spaces into day and night to invite viewers to navigate through his world.

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19 April 2012

Trees, Small Fires and Japanese Joints

‘Trees, Small Fires and Japanese Joints’ is an exhibition of drawings by Edward Allington, Head of Graduate Sculpture at the Slade School of Fine Art. Some of the drawings are based on the famous screen by Kano Eitoku, ‘Cypress Trees’, some from other Japanese prints, some from observation, and others from comic books and a children’s guide to Japanese carpentry.

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6 March 2012

Patterns of Shadows

‘Patterns of Shadows’ is an exhibition of oil paintings by Pip Dickens, derived from her research in Kyoto in 2011. The paintings (oil on canvas) draw upon colour, pattern, rhythm and vibration, associated with kimono fabrics and katagami stencils, and frequently juxtapose these with quieter, understated greys, shadows and subtle interplays of light. The artist was introduced by Professor Monty Adkins, Professor of Experimental Electronic Music at the University of Huddersfield.

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18 January 2012

Private View: Over the Parched Field by Akiko Takizawa

Akiko Takizawa is a Japanese artist based in London. The exhibition, ‘Over the Parched Field’, showcases a selection of Takizawa’s photographs since 2006, including new works made especially for the exhibition. This is Takizawa’s first solo show in London. The artist was introduced by Dr Simon Baker, Curator of Photography and International Art at the Tate Gallery.

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