Special event

Thursday 9 June 2016
6:00pm – 8:00pm

A Marriage of Miso and Sake: Sake and Miso Canapé Tasting

13/14 Cornwall Terrace, Outer Circle (entrance facing Regent's Park), London NW1 4QP

Organised by the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation

Fully booked

Sake, Japanese rice wine, is made from four ingredients: rice, koji, yeast and water, ideally consumed within one to two years of bottling.  Sake has a mild taste with light acidity, bitterness or astringency, and is also low in calories.  Most types of sake contain around 15-16% of alcohol.

For this special tasting, we will prepare sake from Okayama Prefecture which boasts earthy, rich and deep flavours.  Honeyed malt, rich creamy flavours underpin Okayama sake, but there are also zesty fruit notes to be found in some of their creations. Like wine, sake has distinctive regional characteristics and each sake brewery has its own quintessential flavour.

Miso is an essential ingredient for miso soup, but it can also be used as a condiment for cooking meat, fish and vegetables. It is a cultured and fermented product made of soy beans and is said to be effective in treating some forms of cancer, heart disease and reducing the possibility of developing stomach ulcers.

For this event, we will show you some recipes to go with sake using miso and other ingredients, so that you can try cooking with miso at home!

This event was supported by Gozenshu Kuramoto Tsuji-honten in Okayama and TENGU SAKE in London.


Fillet Beef Tataki

Fried Miso Chicken

Salmon in Miso Nanban

Tomato Tofu Basil with Miso dressing

About the contributors

Rie Yoshitake

Rie Yoshitake is the leading Sake ambassador in the UK, where she represents the Sake Samurai Association (SSA) and the Japan Sake and Shochu Maker’s Association (JSSA). In her role, she has been instrumental in organising the world’s largest sake competition at the International Wine Challenge (IWC). Ms Yoshitake has come to be known as the “Sake Lady” of London, her adopted home, where she received the Japanese Minister’s Award for her contribution towards raising the profile of Japan’s national drink and cuisine.

Natsuki Kikuya

Natsuki Kikuya’s family has been making sake for over 360 years in Akita Prefecture. Natsuki became a qualified Sake Sommelier in 2009 and moved to the UK in order to further understand and expand the overseas market for sake. She is the founder of the Museum of Sake, London and in 2015 was awarded the title of “Sake Samurai” by the Junior Council of the Japan Sake Brewers Association.

Yukiko Kubo

Yukiko Kubo is Director of Marukome Europe. After graduating in Russian Language and Literature from Osaka University of Foreign Studies, she worked at Hitachi and Renesas Electronics and then joined Marukome in 2012.  Founded in 1854, Marukome is a leading miso paste manufacturer based in Nagano, and accounts for 25% of the shares of miso produced in Japan each year, making them the biggest manufacturer among 1,500 miso producers in Japan. Kubo has led the London office in Hammersmith since it was established in October 2013.

Yuka Caves

Yuka Caves was trained in the art of traditional Kaiseki cuisine at Tokyo’s highly regarded Kaiseki cooking school, Kinsa-Ryu.   Using her extensive knowledge and expertise in Japanese cooking and formal training, Yuka teaches Japanese cuisine at Sozai Cooking School and Minamo Foods Cooking Class, amongst other schools and private lessons.

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