Events by year: 2004

29 November 2004

The Urban Utopia: Images of the Perfect City

This final, special event at the Royal Institute of British Architects marked the culmination of the series. All speakers and audience members who had attended any of the previous lectures were also invited to join the discussion on the urban utopia, which focussed on what Japan and the UK can learn from each other in seeking to make this goal a reality.

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28 September 2004

Grassroots Pacifism in Postwar Japan: the Rebirth of a Nation

Dr Yamamoto contends that the peace movement, which was organised in tandem with other activities to promote democratic, economic and humanitarian issues, served as a popular lever which helped to eliminate feudal remnants that lingered in Japanese society and individual attitudes after the war, thereby modernizing the political process and the outlook of the ordinary Japanese.

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23 September 2004

Japanese Spears: A historical survey of naginata and yari – from earliest times to the end of the Edo period

Five different spear blades were displayed, including, for the first time in public, a highly important and rare Kikuchi-Yari made around 1335 and a Nagamaki blade smithed in 1360 by Hojoji Kunimitsu, one of the foremost pupils of Sadamune. Roald Knutsen’s accompanying informal talk elaborated on the position of So-jutsu as one of the Four Pillars of the classic arts of the battlefield.

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22 September 2004

Urban Renaissance in the UK and Japan

Major development projects, such as Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, have been the result of long-term planning and consultation exercises. How both the UK and Japan are formulating their visions for the future and how the government and private sectors are working together to realise those visions were the focus of the presentations.

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13 July 2004

Responding to Rising Crime in Japan

Recent figures released by the Japan National Police Agency have shown a growth in recorded crime in ways that are similar to trends in other industrialised countries. Noriaki Kawamura explained what contributed to the rise in recorded crime and the steps that are being taken to address the problem.

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13 May 2004

Japanese Modernisation and Mingei Theory: Cultural Nationalism and Oriental Orientalism

This richly illustrated work offers controversial new evidence through its cross-cultural examination of a wide range of materials in Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese, bringing about startling new conclusions concerning Japanese modernization and cultural authenticity. This new interpretation of the Mingei movement will appeal to scholars of Japanese art history as well as those with interests in cultural identity in non-Western cultures.

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