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13 December 2012

Japanese Travellers in Sixteenth Century Europe: A dialogue concerning the mission to the Roman Curia (1590)

The editor will introduce this book, which is account of the 1582 Japanese Embassy to Europe. This book is an account of the travels of these four Japanese pioneers, their long journeys and their 20 months in Europe being received by popes and kings.The present edition is the first complete version of this rich, complex and impressive work to appear in English

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6 December 2012

Improvising within Tradition: Gallery Concert

As part of Nao Matsunaga’s exhibition, My Primal Memory at the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, musician Hibiki Ichikawa will join the special event Improvising within Tradition. Both Matsunaga and Hibiki’s practices stem from training in traditional forms, providing a framework within which they improvise and react to their environment. The event brings together the unique qualities of two different forms, with informative conversation on the history of Tsugaru Shamisen.

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29 November 2012

Exposure: Inside the Olympus Scandal

After becoming President of Olympus, Michael Woodford became aware of some large unexplained payments the company had made in relation to overseas acquisitions. He kicked up a fuss, only to be dismissed by the company’s board. He had stumbled on one of Japan’s largest loss-hiding schemes. This scandal led to the arrest of seven Olympus executives. Woodford introduced his new book, giving us the inside story.

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22 November 2012

KanZeOn – A Sensory Exploration of Sound

KanZeOn is part documentary, part sensory exploration of sound, revealing a rarely seen view of Japanese culture through ancient rituals and musical spectacle. Largely shot in Kyushu, the film revolves around three figures in whose lives music and religion plays a central part. The co-directors talked about the development of the film and its accompanying projects.

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13 November 2012

My Primal Memory by Nao Matsunaga

This talk will be given by the artist of My Primal Memory, Nao Matsunaga, and Abraham Thomas, Curator of Designs and Lead Curator for Architecture at the V&A Museum.In the exhibition My Primal Memory, Nao Matsunaga responds to his ideas and experiences of dual cultural and national identity and although this is a deeply personal investigation, his work references ancient universal themes concerning the human condition.

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7 November 2012

Military Contributions to International Stability: Since the end of the Cold War by Japan and the UK

International peacekeeping for military forces took on a new significance after the end of the Cold War which lead to suppressed regional tensions reappearing. Since 2000, Western nations and their allies have found themselves in a range of operations, from Iraq and Afghanistan to the Gulf of Aden and off the Horn of Africa. Both the UK and Japan have adapted their use of armed forces to meet these challenges. How have the two countries reacted to these challenges and what lessons can they learn from each other?

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1 November 2012

Talk and Screening: VISION FOR KALPA - Cycle of Creation and Destruction

Hiroshi Ashikaga’s practice is centred on the notion of time. His images are initially captured with a pinhole camera then developed into film footage. He was awarded a grant by Tokyo Wonder Site to come to the UK on a research trip to study pre-historic monuments such as Stonehenge, and later places of worship such as medieval chapels. His new body of film work was based on his visits to sacred sites, and the idea of prayer and worship.

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30 October 2012

Cyber Security

Cyber-security threats are becoming more and more significant, not only for states, but also for companies and individuals. The UK is now facing cyber-attacks on an unprecedented scale and they continue to increase, ranging in sophistication from low-end criminal activity to highly-sophisticated operations. Terrorists now have no need to use nuclear bombs, since cyber-attacks on nuclear power stations potentially could have devastating effects, as suggested by the Fukushima accident last year.

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25 October 2012

Parliamentary Democracy in Japan and the UK

On the face of it, Japan and Britain have similar parliamentary systems. Both countries are parliamentary democracies under a monarchy, and both have a bicameral system in which the Upper House acts as a check on the Lower House. But in practice, they work very differently. The speakers discussed in what ways the two countries’ parliaments differ, and what the two countries could learn from each other.

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23 October 2012

Reset or Restart? The Impact of Fukushima on the Japanese and German Energy Sectors

Even before the meltdowns at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant, the global energy sector was in a period of uncertainty caused by a variety of factors. Professor Catherine Mitchell and Antony Froggatt discussed how governments in Japan and Germany have responded to public concerns and revised engineering and economic assessments to abandon or reduce their nuclear ambitions and why some governments around the world may be continuing or even expanding their nuclear plans.

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18 October 2012

My Primal Memory by Nao Matsunaga

This private view will celebrate the opening of the exhibition My Primal Memory by Nao Matsunaga, which will run until December 13th at the Daiwa Foundation Japan House. In this exhibition the artist responds to his ideas and experiences of dual cultural and national identity, reflecting on his formative years growing up in Japan, and the latter part of his childhood in England. Although this is a deeply personal investigation, his work references ancient universal themes concerning the human condition.

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