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Grants, Awards and Prizes

The Foundation awards grants to individuals and institutions in the UK and Japan in all areas of the visual and performing arts, the humanities, the social sciences, science and engineering, mathematics, business studies, and education, including schools and universities, and grass roots and professional groups.

The next deadline for Daiwa Foundation Small Grant and Award Applications is 31 March 2019 for a decision by the end of May 2019.

Grant-giving is carried out via the following programmes:

Daiwa Foundation Small Grants

Grants of £2,000-£7,000 are available to individuals, societies, associations or other bodies in the UK or Japan to promote and support interaction between the two countries. Daiwa Foundation Small Grants can cover all fields of activity, including educational and grassroots exchanges, research travel, the organisation of conferences, exhibitions, and other projects and events that fulfil this broad objective. New initiatives are especially encouraged.

Daiwa Foundation Awards

Awards of £7,000-£15,000 are available for collaborative projects that enable British and Japanese partners to work together, preferably in the context of an institutional relationship. Daiwa Foundation Awards can cover projects in most academic, professional, arts, cultural and educational fields. (Applications in the field of science can also be considered.)

The Royal Society-Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation International Exchanges Scheme

This scheme has been phased out as of December 2014

Daiwa Adrian Prizes

Daiwa Adrian Prizes are awarded in recognition of significant scientific collaboration between British and Japanese research teams in the field of pure science or the application of science. They acknowledge those research teams who have combined excellence in scientific achievement with a long-term contribution to UK-Japan relations.

Daiwa Foundation Art Prize

The Daiwa Foundation Art Prize is an open submission Prize which offers a British artist a first solo exhibition at a gallery in Tokyo, Japan. The winner is awarded a £5,000 participation fee plus travel and accommodation costs for a period in Japan to coincide with the opening of the exhibition. They are also offered introductions to key individuals and organisations in the Japanese contemporary art world.


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