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3 July 2017

Hyper Japan Festival 14-16 July!

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Hyper Japan is one of the biggest and most renowned J-culture events in the UK. It will be held at the Tobacco Dock in London! The event celebrates all aspects of the Japanese culture, ranging from cosplaying popular anime characters to experiencing some of Japan’s most famous epochs of history, such as the 17th and 18th century Edo period of Japan by watching one of Japan’s most historic, kabuki classics ( an animated version ),  Daruma Odori!

On the 14th-16th of July you can experience some of Japan’s most famous delicacies at their Sake Experience and their Urban Food Fest, you can also learn how the famous Japanese brand S&B cook their own curries and pizzas!

Hyper Japan also has a large focus on Japanese Anime and Gaming culture, you can meet Maekawa Atsushi, the famous screenwriter behind the world-famous Animes such as: Sailor Moon, Dragon ball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh! There is also an abundance of opportunities for you to browse the convention floor and marvel at the copious amounts of Anime and Gaming merchandise. (and of course, buy)

Hyper Japan also celebrates the Performance art of Cosplay. You can witness  your favourite game and anime characters come to life! So don’t miss out and buy your tickets to Hyper Japan today!


Tickets cost from £15.00 to £24.00          

Hyper Japan website

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