1 February 2017

Japan Sound Portrait: Thursday 16th March 2017, 7:30pm Café OTO

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Japan Sound Portrait – Thursday 16th March 2017, 7:30pm at Café OTO (18-22 Ashwin St, Dalston, London E8 3DL)

Japan Sound Portrait is a multimedia project building a variety of aural representations of the country, from a sound map phone application to virtual reality experiences, founded by BBC Radio 3 DJ and Musicity founder Nick Luscombe and KanZeOn film co-director/producer Neil Cantwell

This event is Japan Sound Portrait’s first live event in the UK, representing music, field recordings and readings from the country.

Artists: Makoto Nomura (Improvisation), Kumiko Yabu (Percussion), Midori Komachi (Violin), Abirdwhale (Composition), Verity Lane (Composition)

Makoto Nomura – Kyoto based composer/improviser. He mainly plays the piano, melodica, rooftiles and gamelan. His work has been performed in more than 20 countries. He is currently the director of community programme of Japan Century Symphony Orchestra.

Kumiko Yabu – Percussionist / Composer, currently living in Kyoto.In 2014, She started a Creative Gamelan Group called “Sekar Gendis” based in Kyoto.As a percussionist/ Improviser, she has played in various international festivals.

Midori Komachi London-based violinist. Midori has performed extensively throughout Europe and Japan. Her performances have been featured internationally, on BBC Radio 3, The Strad and International Record Review. Midori will be presenting pieces for solo violin by contemporary Japanese composers.

Abirdwhale is a solo project of Masato Kakinoki, London-based Japanese musician, audiovisual artist, film music composer, PhD in Music candidate at Canterbury Christ Church University.He wrote and produced soundtracks and an inserted song for the international feature film ‘Fragile’ (directed by Shingo Ota).

Verity Lane (music maker and project leader) – Born in Tottenham and spending the last 10 years in Japan, music-maker, sound artist and producer Verity Lane specialises in creating highly visual soundscapes for traditional Japanese instruments. Lane is also a producer and event organizer of ‘Tottenham Soundscapes’.

Cafe Oto website

Japanese Version:

「ジャパン・サウンド・ポートレイト」は、BBC Radio 3のDJ、そしてMusicity創設者のニック・ラスコムと、「KanZeOn」映画監督、ニール・カントウェルがプロデュースするマルチメディア・プロジェクト。日本の描写となる様々な音を、地図にて表す携帯アプリや、バーチャル・リアリティ体験等を通じて世界へ発信します。




やぶくみこ(パーカッショニスト・作曲家)京都在住。中東の打楽器“ダルブッカ”やインドネシア のガムランを演奏する。様々な国際音楽祭に出演。京都のガムラングループ、スカルグンディス主宰。

小町碧(ヴァイオリニスト)ロンドン在住。「小町碧のロンドン・スタジオ」をはじめ、英国と日本の作曲家の作品を両国で紹介。演奏はBBC Radio 3、The Strad、International Record Reviewなど、国際的なメディアにて好評を得ている。

Abirdwhale ロンドン在住音楽家、Kakinoki Masatoによるソロ・プロジェクト。Kakinokiはオーディオビジュアル・アーティスト、映画作曲家、カンタベリー・クライスト・チャーチ大学博士候補。国際的に上映された太田信吾監督『解放区』の音楽および挿入歌を制作。



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