19 July 2018

Bristol Fish Project to celebrate Doyo no Ushi no Hi on 6 August 2018

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On Monday, 6 August 2018, Bristol Fish Project is celebrating the Japanese tradition of Doyo no ushi no hithe day of the ox. The day (from 3pm – 8pm) will involve the sharing of a variety of Japanese traditions including eating Unagi – Eel provided by Kansai Kitchen (tickets for the day in general (free) and for the bbq (£10.02) here) and beer on sale from the New Bristol Brewery – ‘Japan’ Brewed with Jasmine and Green Tea! Entry is free though you are encouraged to reserve your free place here as this will help with numbers. 

Traditionally Doyo no ushi no hi occurs when the day of the ox (ushi no hi) falls in the ‘summer doyo’ – a period of about 18 days in late summer. Doyo no ushi no hi is celebrated by eating UNAGI – eel.

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Doyo no ushi no hi, website
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