Still from rehearsal by Florencia Guerberof recorded at Greenwich Dance Agency in London


7 November 2017

Butoh Training by Florencia Guerberof: 13 & 15 Dec 2017 at Siobhan Davies, The Roof Studio

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Butoh Training by Florencia Guerberof: this Butoh Training will take place on the evenings of the 13th and 15th of December. The two three hours sessions will be preceded by a guided warm up starting at 5.45pm, fifteen minutes prior the start of the Butoh training. Please note that arriving on time for the warm-up is essential. Be prepared for a very intense and physically demanding practice. Here is an example of the practice:

EMBODIMENT OF ANIMALITY from florencia guerberof on Vimeo.

Different themes will be explored on each session. Participants are encouraged to join the whole training to gain a deeper insight into the work however attending a single session (either day one or two) is also allowed. No previous experience of Butoh is required although the participants are expected to have a dance, theatre or movement background and a good level of physical resistance.

The sessions will introduce Butoh, an Avant-Garde dance theatre movement originated in Tokyo in 1959 by Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno. The practice will focus on the following ideas:

Breath. The primordial source of movement.
Instincts and impulses, irrationality, the anarchic state of the raw body, its plasticity and pliability.
A body encountering a resistance. Opposite forces in tension.
The building of a structure leading to its destruction. The dissolution of the ego.
Emptiness and the Japanese.
Form, Spirit and transformation through Hijikata and Ohno’s visions.
Improvisations. Finding a personal language through Butoh.

The physical practice will be supported by theory and recommended bibliography.

Florencia Guerberof was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1980. With a formation in visual arts, art theory and dance she reflects her aesthetic concerns on stage creating cross disciplinary performances. She has trained in Ballet, Martha Graham and is currently researching Contemporary dance.

Ten years ago, her interest in existentialism led her to investigate Butoh dance. She is a recipient of the
Scottish Arts Council Grant which enabled her to carry out an extensive research on Butoh in Tokyo under the mentoring of Yoshito Ohno among other Butoh Masters.

She has presented her performances in London at Golive Festival curated by Donald Hutera (2013-14),
“Fresh from The Oven” Festival curated by Yael Karavan at The Nightingale Theatre in Brighton, at Victoria House and Siobhan Davies choreographed by Marie Gabrielle Rotie,The Blue Elephant Theatre, Shunt (2011) and at Café Oto with The London Improvisers Orchestra (2010) .

Her international appearances include “Danse Elargie” Dance Festival at Théâtre de la Ville and Cité
Internationale Universitaire in Paris (2012), Asian Film Festival opening night at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin (2013) and performance under the direction of SU-EN Butoh Company in Uppsala, Sweden (2017).

She founded Asian Performing Arts UK in London in 2013, an organisation dedicated to the study of
contemporary and traditional Asian dance theatre forms. The initiative has had the support of Sasakawa
Foundation, the Japan Society and Japan 400th.

Her Butoh Research Project Workshops have been held at SOAS University (The School of Oriental and
African Studies) RADA (The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) and LABAN with guest Japanese artists
such as Sankai Juku Company and Tadashi Endo.

Florencia has taught Butoh workshops for SouthBank University Drama Department, Goldsmiths University and East 15 Acting School in Southend in Essex where she is currently a visiting artist and choreographer. Currently, she lives and works in London.

Pencil and paper

Warm comfortable clothes, neutral color ( black, white or grey, no patterns)

Whole training ( 13th and 15th Dec): £50
Single session (either 13th or 15th Dec): £25
Non refundable (except for unforeseen circumstances such as illness. Medical certificate will be required)

Deadline for bookings: 30th Nov 2017
Bookings are made through Online Banking. Full training cost is required in order to book a place.
Please state your name and “BWS” as payment reference in order for us to be able to identify your payment.

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13 & 15 December 2017 5.45pm-9pm
Siobhan Davies, The Roof Studio
85 St Georges Road
SE1 6ER London

Apply by 30 November 2017 at
Costs for participants: £25 (1 session) and £50 (two sessions)
Contact Florencia Guerberof for more details at

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Further info about Florencia Guerberof and Butoh Movement:

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Facebook and Vimeo links:

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Embodiment of Animality (Vimeo)

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