4 June 2012

Carl Randall, 2003 Daiwa Scholar, wins the Nomura Painting Prize, Tokyo

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The Nomura Art Prize is organised by Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku) to assist with the purchase of outstanding works of art produced by its Doctorate graduate students, and to preserve them at the University Museum. The prize aims to promote fine arts in Japan and to support young artists by collecting, preserving, and exhibiting their works in the Museum. The 2011 Nomura Painting Prize was awarded to Carl Randall for his Doctorate Graduation exhibition, one of his paintings being bought by the University Museum for their permanent collection.

Carl has been based in Tokyo as an artist since 2003, having been awarded a Daiwa Scholarship, followed by a Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship. This extended period has been used to develop his interest in cities and portraiture, responding to the people and places of Tokyo. During this time he has completed a Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Oil Painting at Japan’s prestigious Tokyo University of the Arts, was selected to be artist in residence in Hiroshima City (to meet and make portraits of survivors of the Atomic Bomb), and was chosen to represent Japan as artist in residence at the 2007 Formula 1 Races. He has also exhibited widely in Japan, including  Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Arts, and Tokyo Art Award 2009.

The artist’s new Japan paintings and drawings will be exhibited in London in the near future, including a solo exhibition at Japan House (January – March 2014). Examples of his work can be found at his website (recent work to be published soon).

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