London Portraits, Jo Brand and Julie Walters

"Jo Brand and The Comedy Club" , "Julie Walters and The National Theatre" by Carl Randall


3 May 2017

Carl Randall portraits on display at Royal Society of Portrait Painters Exhibition, 4-9 May 2017

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Carl Randall’s portraits of actress Julie Walters and comedienne Jo Brand are exhibiting at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Exhibition at The Mall Galleries London, May 4th – 19th. The oil paintings were made as a result of sittings with Julie Walters (Academy Award nominated and BAFTA/Golden Globe, best known for roles in Educating Rita, Billy Elliot, Harry Potter, Calendar Girls) and Jo Brand (BAFTA and British Comedy Award winner, best known for  Through the Cake Hole and The Great British Bake Off’). The Daily Telegraph (2 May 2017 edition) featured both paintings and more information about the exhibition here.

The portraits are from Carl Randall’s London Portraits – a series of 15 paintings of people who have contributed to British culture, each being asked to choose a place in London for the backdrop of their portraits. Signed prints of the paintings available at the National Portrait Gallery London.

In other news, Carl’s recently commissioned painting Miho No Matsubara is now part of the permanent collection of The Shizuoka City Tokaido Hiroshige Museum of Art in Japan. It was commissioned by the Museum to mark Mount Fuji becoming World Heritage status, joining Ando Hiroshige’s original ukiyo-e woodblock prints in the Museum’s collection:

Royal Society of Portrait Painters Exhibition, website Carl Randall London Portraits for sale at National Portrait Gallery

Carl Randall’s new painting of Miho No Matsubara


Prints & catalogues at the National Portrait Gallery London:

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