3 August 2016

Carl Randall's London Portraits - Video Documentary

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London Portraits’  is a recent project by Daiwa scholarship alumnus Carl Randall – a series of 15 portraits of people who have contributed to British culture and society, each in their own chosen locations in London.

The beautifully filmed and structured 11-minute video shows him at work – for each person he first travels to the specific places to sketch their requested backdrop and then the camera shot switches to them during the portrait sitting, explaining their choice while Carl paints. He varies the angles and light on his subjects noticeably, which is interesting, and in the preceding part where he draws the location, London’s often pleasantly bustling atmosphere is brought to light. In addition, throughout the short film there are many shots dedicated to the details in his finished paintings of Nick Park, Benjamin Zephaniah, Katie Leung, Jo Brand, Jon Snow, David Mitchell, Julian Temple and Raymond Briggs (featured specifically in the documentary).

The participants include: Illustrator Raymond Briggs,  Poets Simon Armitage and Benjamin Zephaniah, Animator Nick Park, Newscaster Jon Snow, Actor Sir Anthony Sher, Novelist David Mitchell, Actresses Katie Leung and Julie Walters, Illustrator Dave McKean, Movie producer Jeremy Thomas, Film-maker Julian Temple, Dancer Akram Khan, Comedienne Jo Brand, Zoologist Desmond Morris, and Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company Greg Doran.

View the documentary here: © Hawkeye Productions 2016  , edited by Ryoko Murakami.

The National Portrait Gallery in London presently has a display of prints of all 15 paintings in their ‘Print Room’ (located on basement level).

Carl Randall signed prints are available direct from the gallery or to order online here: ; his oil paintings can be viewed online here:


Written by Elena Richards, Wycombe Abbey School

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