14 June 2018

CLOD ENSEMBLE presents 'Snow' as part of the Noh Reimagined Festival, 30 June 2018 at King's Place

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CLOD ENSEMBLE works at the intersection of different forms and disciplines – at the point where they meet, transform and challenge each other to become something new. It works with dancers, actors, musicians, medics, architects and orchestras. For over two decades, director Suzy Willson and composer Paul Clark have developed a highly original performance language, creating provocative, finely crafted work, ambitious in scale and concept. 

In 2017, the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation awarded CLOD ENSEMBLE a Small Grant to support a research and development trip to Japan in February 2018 by Suzy Willson and Paul Clark to meet a range of experts in Noh Theatre, study the performance tradition in situ and work with Noh practitioners.

In February 2018, when Clod Ensemble visited Japan, it was snowing. Via their blog, you can
read about their creative process:  Blog about the making of Snow

Featuring the voice of legendary New York performer Peggy Shaw and the flute of virtuoso Yukihiro Isso, words and music unlock the world of a traveller who finds herself thrown into darkness under the snow. In this poetic monologue, sung and spoken word are fused as the traveller searches for a reconciliation with the ghosts that haunt her.

Snow will be one of three short pieces shown as part of The Transformative Power of Mugen Noh during Noh Reimagined Festival at Kings Place, London on Saturday 30 June 2018, 7.30pm.

In a pre-show talk, Suzy Willson and Paul Clark will talk about their recent visit to Japan and how meeting Noh musicians and actors and watching performances in Tokyo and Kyoto has influenced the making of Snow. Tickets are free but registration is required.

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Snow as part of Noh Reimagined


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