20 November 2017

Mind in World: A History of Distributed Cognition - lectures in Kyoto, Osaka & Tokyo from 8 to 14 December 2017

Distributed cognition means that the mind is not ‘brainbound’ but extends across brain, body and world. Our project examines evidence of distributed cognition from Classical Greece to Modernism in Europe. Now we want to look at Japan and Asia. Join Dr Miranda Anderson for the following lectures in Japan (8 December in Kyoto, 11 December in Osaka, 14 December in Tokyo) if  interested:  ・       distributed cognition

・       a history of distributed cognition in Europe

・       a future project on the history of distributed cognition in Japan and Asia

For more information about this project please visit the following website: or contact to discuss further.

1) Kyoto University
Meeting room, 1st floor, Main Building of Faculty of Letters
(No.8 of )
18:00-19:30, Friday 8 December 2017


2) Osaka University
Room 31, 3rd floor, Main School House, Graduate School of Human Sciences
17:30-19:00, Monday 11 December 2017


3)Hosted by  University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy (UTCP)
Collaboration Room 2, Bldg. 18, Komaba I Campus of the University of Tokyo
18:00-19:30, Thursday 14 December 2017


[Lecture Tour Supported by a Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation Award and the Arts and Humanities Research Council]

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