Pupils from schools in Coventry taking part in a Noh theatre workshop. Photo by Clive Barda


11 December 2018

September 2018 Grants: funding for projects from building an anagama kiln to the development of smart windows

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The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation has published details of grants awarded to support UK-Japan projects in its latest funding round.

Troy Town Art Pottery will use a grant to conduct research in pottery villages in Japan in order to create a small anagama kiln (climbing kiln) and a studio exhibition in Hoxton, London.  Four academics will travel between London South Bank and Hokkaido universities to develop nanostructured heat-reflective coated triple vacuum glazing, or smart windows, for sustainable low-carbon buildings. The Foundation will fund practitioners from Gecko Theatre, who will travel to Tokyo and collaborate with the International Centre for Theatre Arts to deliver a residency programme. Through the residency, performers will explore methods of physical theatre and create work based on themes of migration and nationhood. The Foundation will support the Japanese Society for Person-Centred Dementia Care, enabling two members to travel to the UK, and the Director of the European Reminiscence Network to participate in workshops in Japan on supporting individuals with dementia and their family care-givers.

Among larger institutional collaborations funded by the Foundation, ten pupil ambassadors from primary schools in Coventry will travel to Japan to work with pupils at a partner school in Kanagawa on an art project linked to the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games. The final piece will be displayed in Coventry in 2020.  Academics from the University of Birmingham and the University of Tokyo will undertake reciprocal visits to collaborate on developing supercritical water technology to treat medical waste.

Here you can read about another project we are supporting  and which involves research on hormonal control of reproduction in starfish conducted by academics at Queen Mary University of London and Waseda Universities.

A complete list of projects supported in the latest funding round, with amounts granted, can be seen at the Foundation’s website:  http://www.dajf.org.uk/grants-awards-prizes/recently-funded

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