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6 August 2018

UK-Japan Artists' Networking Event at Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, Wednesday 29 August 2018

Networking Event for UK-Japan artists, Wednesday 29th August, 3 to 5pm

Aim: The aim of this event is to promote artistic exchange between Japan and the UK and encourage artistic activity in both countries, through information sharing and networking.


  • Short presentations by participating artists and organisations
  • Informal networking
  • sharing ideas and exploring opportunities for collaboration
  • building an information-sharing platform

More information via this link and button below:

UK-Japan artists networking event

Facebook page below:

Facebook page

A Message from tarinainanika

It has been 8 years since we moved to Tokyo from London and set up our company, tarinainanika. In that time we’ve been making pieces and performing in festivals and venues across Japan, as well as teaching classes and workshops to spread and develop the art of Corporeal Mime. Next month we’re presenting our work back in Europe for the first time. We’ll be performing our current production, Tokyo Fugue, from 23-26 August at The Cockpit (as part of the Camden Fringe Festival), as well as performing in Coventry and Croatia and running workshops in London and the West Midlands.

There is so much to do when organising an international tour and we are deeply grateful to be receiving support from many individuals and organisations on both sides of the world. It has made us realise how important it is to stay connected with friends and colleagues on the other side of the world. With that in mind, we’re organising an informal event on Wednesday 29th August for anyone interested in UK-Japan artistic collaboration. It’s an opportunity to share information about one another’s activities, explore ideas for collaboration and get to know one another better.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Kentaro Suyama and Tania Coke
tarinainanika theatre unit
Performances at The Cockpit, 23-26th Aug

This is the link with information about the tarinainakika show: http://thecockpit.org.uk/show/tokyo_fugue

Workshop at The Cockpit, Friday 31st Aug

The tarinainanika theatre unit are giving a workshop at the Cockpit.

Kickstarter campaign

They are also running a crowdfunding campaign for the whole programme of performances and workshops (in London, the West Midlands and Croatia).

The aim is to raise funds, and more importantly spread our message about the expressive power of the human body, and the importance of nurturing this power in a digital age.

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