Daiwa Scholars 1994

Daiwa Scholars 1994 completed their Scholarship in April 1996.

Between them, the seven Daiwa Scholars 1994 studied at six different universities from across the UK. Their studies encompassed  Art and Archaeology, Engineering, English, Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) , Printed Textiles, Physics and Technology and Management Science.

About the scholars


Karim Abouzahr was awarded a BA (HONS) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from New College, Oxford in 1994.He was also captain and president of the Oxford University karate team. Abouzahr was interested in furthering his knowledge of Japanese business practices as they relate to finance, as he also wished to pursue a career as an economist and financial consultant.

Karim’s homestay in Japan was in Koriyama City in Fukushima Prefecture. His work placement was at the Daiwa Institute of Research. He is currently a Financier with Softbank Europe Ventures.



Anne Avery was awarded a BA (HONS) in Art and Archaeology from the school of Oriental and African Studies, University of London in 1994. She previously visited Japan for 4 months and visited various art galleries, museums, temples and shrines. In 2009 Anne founded Flash of Splendour, a groundbreaking non-profit organisation, working to empower marginalised, disabled and institutionalised children and young people through the arts.

Anne’s homestay in Japan was in Higashi-Koenji in Tokyo. Her work placement was at International Christian University. She is now Director at Flash of Splendour.

Flash of Splendour is a non-profit educational organisation, based in Oxford, but active across the UK. It works to empower disabled, marginalised and disadvantaged children and young people through the art: music, theatre, film, art and creative writing.


Maya Balasubramanyam was awarded a BSC (HONS) in Physics in 1991 and completed a PHD in Physics at Imperial College, London in 1995.Her PHD was sponsored by a company called LEICA which researches into the field of electron optics. She has a professional interest in Japanese scientific advancement and wishes to pursue a career in scientific research.

Maya’s homestay in Japan was in Kushiro City in Hokkaido Prefecture. Her work placement was at the University of Tokyo.

Sarah FOX

Sarah Fox was awarded a BA (HONS) IN Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering in 1993 and completed her M.Eng in 1994 at Cambridge University. She was also chosen to represent Britain in an International Engineering Design Contest, she had an interest in Japanese manufacturing and wished to work for a British Manufacturing company that also does business with Japan.

Following an international marketing career in industry, Sarah is returned to academia. She has been combining a role working for the Open University with a Senior Lecturer position in International Business at Bath Spa University. She has been able to use her international work experiences, including that gained as a Daiwa Scholar, to help further the understanding of her students. She is now extending this knowledge whilst studying for her PhD at the University of Bath, where she is researching social entrepreneurship in an International setting.

You can read more about Sarah in the “Scholars Experiences” section of the website.


Gregory Jackson was awarded a BA (HONS) in English Language and Literature by Oxford University in 1994. He wished to pursue a career in Journalism or Film making.

Gregory’s homestay in Japan was in Aomori City in Aomori Prefecture. His work placement was at the Asahi Shimbun where he worked as journalist and translator and for You Productions where he worked as a  TV production assistant. He is currently a translator at SMBC Nikko Capital Markets.


Kerry Nelson was awarded a BA (HONS) in Printed Textiles (1st class) in 1994 from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee. She aimed to achieve a career in the Fashion/Textile Industry and to set up her own company that combines Japans technical Knowledge and ability with Innovative British design.

Kerry’s homestay in Japan was in Uchinada City in Ishikawa Prefecture. Her work placement was at  Christopher Nemeth and Emi Kato.


Claire Wilson was awarded a BSC (HONS) in Technology and Management Science (1st class) from Bradford University in 1992. Since then she has worked as a complex quality engineer at the Rover group, Longbridge, Birmingham and wants to pursue a career in Product engineering.

Claire’s homestay in Japan was in Morioka in Iwate Prefecture. Her work placement was at Rover Japan where she was UK – Japan Technical and Engineering Liaison. Claire is the director of Hite (Healthcare Integrated Training and Education).

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