Daiwa Scholars 2005

The 2005 Daiwa Scholars completed the programme in 2007.

About the scholars

Louis Barson

Louis completed an undergraduate degree in Philosophy at King’s College London. He wishes to pursue an academic career in Japanese philosophy. Louis has a strong interest in taiko drumming, and has studied Japanese to beginner’s level.

Louis’s homestay in Japan was in Sado City in Niigata Prefecture. His work placement was at Komazawa University. He is currently working for the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Alexander Bristow

Alex graduated in 2001 with a 1st in BA Geography from Robinson College, Cambridge University, and then spent one year in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher on the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme. Alex has beginner-level Japanese. He completed an MPhil in International Relations at St Antony’s College, Oxford University. Alex hopes to obtain a PhD and become an East Asian affairs specialist in a foreign affairs think tank in the UK.

Alex’s homestay in Japan was in Niseko Ciry in Hokkaido. His work placement was at the University of Tokyo and the Japan Forum for International Relations.

He now works for the Foreign Commonwealth Office and is currently based in Australia.

Xiaomai Feng

Xiaomai graduated in 2004 with a 2.1 BA degree in Architecture at Pembroke College, Cambridge University, where he also worked with Nihon University Summer School in the summer vacations. He undertook practical experience for his Part 1 in Architecture at an architectural firm in Manchester. He intends to pursue an architectural career with emphasis on Japan, the UK and China.

Xiaomai’s homestay in Japan was in Kyoto City in Kyoto Prefecture. His work placement was at Klein Dytham Architects, Tokyo Kenchiku College. He is currently working as a Financier at Discovery Capital.

Daniel Kaldor

Daniel completed an undergraduate degree in Mathematics at King’s College, Cambridge University. He has a general interest in Japanese literature and film and wishes to develop a career in the telecommunications industry.

Dan’s homestay in Japan was at Kochi City in Kochi Prefecture. His work placement  was at NTT DoCoMo.

Jeremy Lemer

Jeremy graduated in 2003 with a 1st in BA History at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University and completed an MSc in Journalism at Columbia University. He hopes to become a professional journalist with a focus on Asian business.

Jeremy’s homestay in Japan was in Sagae City in Yamagata Prefecture. His work placement was at Asahi Shimbun. He is now a consultant at Bain and Co.

Jessie Turnbull

Jessie completed an undergraduate degree in architecture at Trinity Hall, Cambridge University. Jessie spent one month researching her dissertation in Japan in 2004. She hopes to develop her architectural career and her interest in the design of exhibition spaces.

Jessie’s homestay in Japan was in Higashi and Ikeda City in the Tokushima Prefecture. Her work placement was at Atelier Bow-Wow. She is now an architect with MICA Architects in London.

Robert Watts

Robert graduated in 2001 with a 1st MSci degree in Physics at the University of Bristol, where he also completed a PhD in Physics. He took up a four-month JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) Fellowship in Japan in 2004, and has beginner’s Japanese. He wishes to focus his career on global commerce and finance.

Robert’s homestay in Japan was in Fukuoka City and Kasuga City in Fukuoka Prefecture. His work placement was at the Daiwa Institute of Research. He is now a financier at Ford Credit Bank.


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