Daiwa Scholars in Japanese Studies 2018

Four Daiwa Scholars in Japanese Studies have been selected in the programme’s fourth year.

You can see their profiles below and also via this link below:

Profiles with photos of the Daiwa Scholars in Japanese Studies 2018

About the scholars

Marcus Eagle

Marcus Eagle graduated from the University of Leeds in 2018 with a 1st in his BA Japanese and Spanish with a distinction in spoken Japanese. As part of his degree, he spent his second year of study at Waseda University. Marcus is interested in Japanese society and linguistics. He intends to undertake an MA in Japanese Studies at a Japanese university from September 2019, and is interested in researching how spoken and written Japanese have changed over time. Specifically, he aims to investigate how specific events in history, cultural products and diplomacy have impacted the way in which Japanese is used. His long-term aim is to promote international exchange between Japan and the UK, either through work in a Japanese company, or by pursuing academia.

Rebecca Paterson

Rebecca Paterson graduated with a 1st in her BA Japanese Studies degree from the University of Cambridge in 2016. She spent her year abroad at Osaka University as a MEXT Scholar. Rebecca has been working at a private English language school as a mentor and interpreter for Japanese students in the UK. Her experiences in education inspired her interest in language learning and acquisition, and in April 2018 she began an MA in Foreign Language Acquisition and Education at Kyoto University. Here she will research the role of metacognition in English language learning and acquisition in Japanese students. Following this two-year programme, she wishes to remain in the field of education, either as a researcher or an educator.

Nicola Phillips

Nicola Phillips graduated with a 2.1 in her BA Oriental Studies (Japanese) degree from the University of Oxford in 2015, spending her year abroad at Kobe University. Since graduating, Nicola has travelled extensively, working for NGOs and teaching English in Hong Kong and then in Peru. She also freelances in Japanese to English translation, and writes about social and environmental issues for The Intelligence Brief. In September 2018, Nicola will begin an MA in Social Anthropology at SOAS, University of London, investigating the Japanese sex industry. Specifically, she will conduct ethnographic research into history of prostitution in Japan, the commercialisation of sex and intimacy, and the decreased desire for conventional relationships. In the long-term, Nicola aspires to write and create media for a cross-cultural organisation, with a focus on Japan.

Dorothy Finan

Dorothy Finan graduated with a 1st in her BA Oriental Studies (Japanese) from the University of Oxford in 2017. She spent her year abroad at Kobe University, during which time she investigated the valorisation of “struggle” within female idol group narratives for her undergraduate dissertation. She is currently completing an MA in Contemporary Japan at the University of Sheffield, where she will begin a PhD in East Asian Studies in September 2018, conducting research into the thematic importance of “adolescence” in Japanese contemporary music.

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