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16 September 2013

My experience in the UK by 2011 Daiwa Tohoku Scholar, Maho Takeuchi

Ms Maho Takeuchi – one of the 2011 Daiwa Tohoku Scholars – is a nurse, currently studying for a doctorate in Women’s Health at Tohoku University. In 2012 she spent three months at Glasgow University on a postgraduate course in lymphoedema. She believes that supporting health through nursing is key to revitalising Japan and particularly the Tohoku region. You can read her Daiwa Foundation Tohoku Scholarship (in collaboration with the British Council in Japan) report below.

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5 February 2013

Daiwa Foundation Tohoku Scholarship report by Miyuki Sasaki

I currently study the radioactive material state of the soil at Fukushima University. In autum 2012, I went to the United Kingdom to learn how radiation has been measured in the past. I stayed in Glasgow for one month in order to learn the radiation measurement method. I studied at the University of Glasgow and the

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