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28 May 2015

Daiwa Foundation funds projects ranging from the study of volcanic CO2 vents to museum collaboration

The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation ( has published details of grants awarded to support UK-Japan projects in its latest funding round. One project supported is a visit by Professor Jason Hall-Spencer (University of Plymouth) to Shimoda Marine Research Centre (University of Tsukuba) where he will provide expert advice on the monitoring of ocean acidification. Funding is

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18 February 2015

'Fog invites people' - Fujiko Nakaya, 'Fog Bridge' artist, was in conversation at Tate Modern on 17 February 2015

Over a career spanning 40 years, Fujiko Nakaya has pioneered the use of water vapour as a sculptural media. Nakaya has fabulous English, so it was not surprising to hear that she had gone to school in Chicago. Later on she returned to New York to study. In her entertaining talk at Tate Modern yesterday, 17 February 2015, she gave an overview of her work and also engaged in a question and answer session. She is effortlessly charming and humorous.

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