25 July 2013

Daiwa Adrian Prizes 2013: Prize Winners Announced

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We are pleased to announce the 2013 Daiwa Adrian Prize winners. Four UK-Japan scientific research teams will each receive £10,000 in prize money.

A full list of project leaders, team members and their institutions is included below.

The prize was advertised widely in print media, through our website and social media. We received an excellent response to our call for applications, with 43 applications from institutions as geographically diverse as the University of Stirling and Southampton University in the UK, and Tohoku University and Kyushu University in Japan. The high quality of applications received meant a difficult decision-making process for the judging panel of Royal Society Fellows, to whom we also extend our thanks for their invaluable contribution to the Prize selection process.

The four Prizes have been awarded across a wide range of disciplines reflecting the diverse range of scientific cooperation that exists between the UK and Japan. We hope that the awards will also encourage those embarking upon UK– Japan scientific projects to maintain and extend their cooperation to produce similarly fruitful and prestigious collaborations. We extend our congratulations to the team leaders: Professor Tony James (University of Bath), Professor Seiji Shinkai (Kyushu University), Dr Antony Dodd (University of Bristol), Dr Mitsumasa Hanaoka (Chiba University),  Professor Alexander Shluger (University College London),  Professor Hideo Hosono (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Professor Takeshi Nakagawa (University of Newcastle) and Professor Hiroyuki Kitagawa (Nagoya University).


Chemonostics: Using chemical receptors in the development of simple diagnostic devices for age related diseases
University of Bath, University of Birmingham

Professor Tony James (Team Leader)

Dr Steven Bull

Dr John Fossey

 Kyushu University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, University of Kitakyushu                                  

Professor Seiji Shinkai (Team Leader)

Professor Yuji Kubo

Professor Kazuo Sakurai

Circadian regulation of photosynthesis 
University of Bristol, University of Edinburgh                            

Dr Antony Dodd (Team Leader)

Dr Jelena Kusakina

Miss Kelly Atkins

Dr Zeenat Noordally


Chiba University, Tokyo Institute of Technology                                                              

Dr Mitsumasa Hanaoka (Team Leader)

Miss Misato Anma

Mr Kenyu Ishii

Professor Kan Tanaka

Mr Gaku Fujii

Miss Rumi Suzuki


Exploration of Active Functionality in Abundant Oxide Materials Utilising Unique Nanostructure: Discovering novel properties of traditional materials through curiosity-driven research
 University College London

Professor Alexander Shluger (Team Leader)

Dr Peter Sushko

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Professor Hideo Hosono (Team Leader)

Professor Katsuro Hayashi

Dr Yoshitake Toda

Extension of terrestrial radiocarbon dating calibration curve using annually laminated sediment core from Lake Suigetsu Japan
 University of Newcastle, University of Oxford, NERC Radiocarbon Facility, Aberystwyth University

Professor Takeshi Nakagawa (Team Leader)

Professor Christopher Bronk Ramsey

Dr Charlotte Bryant

Dr Henry Lamb

 Nagoya University, Chiba University of Commerce, Naruto University of Education, Osaka City University, University of Tokyo

Professor Hiroyuki Kitagawa (Team Leader)

Dr Katsuya Gotanda

Dr Hitoshi Yonenobu

Dr Tsuyoshi Haraguchi

Professor Ryuji Tada

Dr Yusuke Yokoyama


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