28 September 2017

Gohei Nishikawa London Debut - Special Piano Recital on 14 October

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Gohei Nishikawa, a world class pianist who plays only with his seven fingers, will perform in St Lawrence Jewry on 14th October, with a special guest soprano Charlotte de Rothschild.

Nishikawa, who currently lives in New York City, was a rising young star who performed at the Lincoln Centre and Carnegie Hall. Tragically in 2001, Nishikawa began his battle with Dystonia, neurological disorder which impairs and distorts motor movements. At this point, Dystonia entirely deprived him of the ability to play the piano. Through years of rehabilitation, he has slowly regained his ability to play with his right hand and the two working fingers on his left hand.

For his achievements, inspirational music, and story, Nishikawa’s autobiography was published by the Asahi Shinbone publisher in 2015 and NHK (Japan’s National Broadcaster) made a documentary film of his struggle in overcoming his illness, which was broadcasted nation-wide in Japan in 2016. Lastly, most recently, he is featured in a Panasonic 2017 world-wide TV commercial this spring.

On this special evening, we will invite Charlotte de Rothschild,as a special guest artist soprano to perform with Nishikawa. Charlotte is best known for her interpretation and performance of classical western-style Japanese songs called “Kakyoku”.  She has performed these beautiful melodies world-wide, most recently with the City of London Sinfonia under conductor Michael Collins.

St Lawrence Jewry next Guildhall, London on Saturday 14 October 2017
Doors Open at 6:15PM
Starts at 7:00PM
Ticket Price £20-£25:

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