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24 April 2012

Political Leadership in the UK and Japan

The next seminar in our 2012 series Leadership: People and Power in the UK and Japan looked at political leadership. What can the two countries learn from each other about political leadership? And to what extent are different leadership styles required by the different institutional set-ups in each country?

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23 February 2012

Leadership in Central Banking

In this seminar, the second in the 2012 series ‘Leadership: People and Power in the UK and Japan’, we asked what lessons can be learnt from the Bank of Japan’s experience over the last two decades – and what central bankers in both countries should do next?

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26 February 2003

Foreign Language Education in the UK

The Nuffield Language Inquiry’s report, ‘Languages – The Next Generation’ pointed to the key significance for Britain of an improved performance in this field; a series of specific measures was recommended for early language learning and the promotion of better practice in our schools and Universities as well as in the business community.

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