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25 September 2014

Nation, Dice, Instruction, – Private View and Artist Talk

Satoshi Hashimoto is currently one of Japan’s most ‘alarming’ artists, producing works of art that make the viewer feel like someone witnessing a traffic accident. By somehow “questioning your stance”, “ignoring you”, “making a contract with you” or “transferring ownership to you”, they transcend social laws and morality and turn you into a participant, not just an observer.

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2 October 2014

Film Screening: Brakeless

On Monday April 25th 2005, a West Japan Railway (JR West) commuter train crashed into an apartment building and killed 107 people when a driver tried to catch up with an 80-second delay. Since the accident, the official committee report has concluded that the direct cause of the accident was over-speeding and JR West have agreed to pay compensation for the victims and changed the timetable. However, the fundamental question has remained unanswered – what made the driver risk so many lives for an 80-second delay?

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8 July 2014

Film Screening: August Shadows- Reflections on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Kirk Palmer will hold a film screening of ‘August Shadows’, a trilogy of moving image works – Murmur (2006), Hiroshima (2007) and War’s End: An Island Of Remembrance (2012). Centred upon Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Yakushima these works collectively examine how historical events manifest in the present-day physical substance of place, where the pall of the atomic bombings are a latent and unifying presence.

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23 January 2014

Kintsugi: The Art of Broken Pieces

Kintsugi is the craft in which chipped, cracked or broken ceramic pieces are repaired using a combination of urushi (lacquer) and rice glue. This process inadvertently results in a decoration, the form of which is dictated by the breakage the piece has suffered. The craft dates back to at least the 16th century, and there are various engaging historical anecdotes which emphasise the value placed on items pieced back together. There was also a demonstration of Kintsugi during the event.

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11 October 2013

Music from Baroque Europe: Played by Taro Takeuchi with Kaori Katayama

In this concert respected early guitar/lute player Taro Takeuchi and guest performed some of the finest pieces from the British Baroque period. The concert will include pieces by Nicolla Matteis, Henry Purcell, Francesco Geminiani, George Frideric Handel and others. Taro Takeuchi uses antique guitars from the 18th century as well as a faithful modern copy of an original 17th century lute.

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30 May 2013

Butoh Through the Lens

This film screening and talk, which introduced short films about Butoh dance and was presented by Florencia Guerberof, performer and founder of Asian Performing Arts UK. Firstly, she showed her own film recordings ‘Impressions’ featuring Yoshito Ono and ‘Duration’ which reflect her own impressions during her research on Butoh dance in Japan during 2009. The screening continued with the documentary ‘Still Move’ by Marieke Schroeder. The film portrays Japanese dancer and choreographer Saburo Teshigawara who creates a fusion of Butoh principles and postmodern elements. This event aimed to portray a different side of Butoh dance.

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6 December 2012

Improvising within Tradition: Gallery Concert

As part of Nao Matsunaga’s exhibition, My Primal Memory at the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, musician Hibiki Ichikawa will join the special event Improvising within Tradition. Both Matsunaga and Hibiki’s practices stem from training in traditional forms, providing a framework within which they improvise and react to their environment. The event brings together the unique qualities of two different forms, with informative conversation on the history of Tsugaru Shamisen.

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