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1 November 2012

Talk and Screening: VISION FOR KALPA - Cycle of Creation and Destruction

Hiroshi Ashikaga’s practice is centred on the notion of time. His images are initially captured with a pinhole camera then developed into film footage. He was awarded a grant by Tokyo Wonder Site to come to the UK on a research trip to study pre-historic monuments such as Stonehenge, and later places of worship such as medieval chapels. His new body of film work was based on his visits to sacred sites, and the idea of prayer and worship.

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25 September 2012

British Music for Lute and Early Guitar: Played by Taro Takeuchi

In this concert respected early guitar/lute player Taro Takeuchi will perform some of the finest pieces for those instruments from the 16th, 17th and 18th century Britain. The concert will include pieces by John Dowland, Henry Purcell, Francesco Geminiani, George Frideric Handel and others. Taro Takeuchi uses antique guitars from the 18th century as well as a faithful modern copy of an original 16th century lute.

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5 April 2012

Coriolanus: A Talk by Globe to Globe Festival Director Tom Bird

Tom Bird, Director of the Globe to Globe Festival at Shakespeare’s Globe, discussed his job over the last one and a half years of putting together the world’s largest and most ambitious Shakespeare festival – including the challenges, adventures and characters he’s encountered on the way. In particular he discussed his travels in Japan and the Globe’s relationship with Chiten in a special event held at Daiwa Foundation Japan House.

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2 April 2012

The Appeal of Mino Washi

In this special event at Daiwa Foundation Japan House, Satoshi Hasegawa and Zoë Howard introduced Mino washi (traditional Japanese paper from Mino City), which has a proud tradition of more than 1,300 years.

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14 February 2012

Poetry reading: The Undying Day

Hans Brinckmann, author of ‘The Undying Day: Poems by Hans Brinckmann’, read a selection of his poems followed by translations by Hiromi Mizoguchi. There was also a discussion on the writing and translation of poetry.

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15 January 2005

Okeanos: Contemporary Japanese Music for Chamber Ensemble

A new ensemble, Okeanos, presents works for sho, koto, sanshin, hichiriki, viola, oboe and clarinet especially composed for them. Creating a beautiful and delicate sound-world, their programme includes new music recently premiered at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival by Dai Fujikura, Howard Skempton and Gabriel Jackson. Newly composed works by Robin Thompson and Shinuh Lee

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