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23 August 2012

My week at the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation (20-23 August 2012)

僕の日記 (20-23 August 2012)

月曜日:最初に、慶子さんとスーサンさんと言う会社員に会いました。大和日英基金 のツアーをしました。この建物の美術館を見た時、びっくりしました。なぜなら、僕は美術に興味があるからです。

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6 July 2012

My week of work experience at the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation (2-6 July) by Rosanna Lee, a St Dunstan’s College student

Day 1

I was given a tour of Daiwa Foundation Japan House and the premises seem good. I met the staff—they seem friendly. I learnt some new Japanese vocabulary and kanji . I wrote a leaflet called ‘Tips for Learning Japanese’. I looked up some Japan-related art exhibitions and was told that we (me and a member of staff—I think Ali or Susan) will visit one later in the week.

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